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Features and Benefits

Customers love coupons

Customers prefer coupons over other means of loyalty. With AdForCent you are able to print dynamic coupons, ads or any other information just after each receipt on your POS infrastructure.

Just 5 minutes to start

Register as new user and start printing ads and coupons in next 5 minutes. We streamlined installation and setup process that is managable to anyone that can open email attachement.

Coupon and ads designer

You can create and design content. However, not everyone is a designer. That is why you can choose from wide selection of professional templates we are adding monthly.

Easy to work with

AdForCent does not change anything in the purchasing process. System works seamlessly in the background.

Lower costs of advertising

Stop printing leaflets and brochiures, as you can personally address all your customers with information printed on receipts.

Really affordable

After the free trial you can get all the features for only 9.90€ per month. Join our refferal system and you can even earn from it.

Our story

We are a team of developers who ran several bars for simple reason - we wanted to know what loyalty works best for small businesses. We tested several commercial schemes available and we failed on most of them. At the end of the day the most acceptable and efficient were ads and coupons on receipts. We created simple service for ourselves to manage receipt campaigns online. As there has been quite amount of interest, we made service available to the public and gave it a name. You will love it!